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Risk Management Solutions to Secure Determined Outcomes for Your Client

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Bonsai introduces a new paradigm to building client relationships through a holistic approach of managing personal balance sheets. In order to protect assets to fund current and future liabilities, we offer financial professionals carefully selected risk management solutions.

Bonsai is dedicated to de-risking outcomes and helping people live their best lives. As part of that mission, we offer annuities, long-term care, disability and life insurance that you can incorporate into your client's holistic financial plan. We also offer access to our business valuations tool, adding additional value to an advisor's business.


Bonsai offers select annuities to help people achieve their desired outcomes with options for accumulating wealth, guaranteeing income and leaving a legacy.

Life Insurance & Long-Term Care

Bonsai offers select term, permanent and long-term care insurance solutions as part of a holistic financial plan, ensuring that your clients are protected in the case of an unexpected event or an untimely death.

Business Valuations

Roughly 98% of small business owners do not know the value of their company. At Bonsai, we offer advisors the ability to provide Business Valuation Reports to their clients that detail key metrics to their business' value and an in depth view of their financial position. Access to this data allows advisors to holistically manage a client's personal balance sheet. It also offers them the opportunity to find and engage new clients, as well as differentiate themselves in a competitive market.

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Our proprietary wealth planning software, allows financial professionals to conduct an asset-liability conversation with their clients.

Bonsai Advisors

Leverages a world class digital infrastructure, innovative practice management models and the proprietary Bonsai Philosophy that allows advisors to drive unprecedented value to clients.

Bonsai Consulting

Empowers organizations across the financial services ecosystem to rethink, retool and differentiate themselves in an ever-changing market by leveraging technology, developing innovative solutions and establishing deeper relationships with their clients.